About Us

ITRM began with one simple question, "How does a company fill the staffing needs of its clients while maintaining a unique edge to business?" The answer to this question lies within our company's mission statement:

  1. Our mission is to help our customers staff their business in the most effective manner. We do this by providing staffing services that are easy to understand and that reliably project our customer's best image.
  2. To provide the highest possible quality of products and services in our field.
  3. To do everything possible to meet our customer's needs in a timely, courteous and helpful manner. To always remember that our customers are our life's blood and our reason for existence, that serving them is not an imposition on our time; it is the reason we are here.
  4. To make a fair and reasonable profit so that the company can continue to exist.
  5. To provide a work environment that enables every employee to reach the highest possible level of professional and personal fulfillment.
  6. Employees are expected to put forth maximum effort and initiative towards the performance of their jobs and the achievement of the company's goals. The company and its management will make every effort to provide working conditions that enable all employees to fulfill their personal needs and goals and to maximize their professional growth as a part of the company.
  7. We are dedicated to putting forth maximum effort and initiative towards the performance of their jobs and to better serve our customers. Management and employees will work together and will constantly seek new ideas and suggestions, from each other and from customers, to achieve this end.


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