Employee Testimonials

"I had been laid off for six months and had registered with several temp agencies to no avail. I had posted my resume on every job search Web site I could think of. Then I received a call from ITRM, who places exclusively to BellSouth, and I was working by the following Monday!"

- Shawna Franklin

"Thanks for the opportunity of placing me in an exciting new company. My background and skills set has helped me fit right into the office environment. I enjoy what I do and look forward to learning and growing with this company. Thanks for making it possible."

- Travis Graham

"My experience working for ITRM has been a good one. I've found ITRM to be responsive and concerned regarding situations that come up from time to time and/or answering questions that I may have in my working environment. ITRM has provided me with a relaxed, yet professional work experience."

- Lee Liddell

"I've worked for quite a few contracting companies during my experience in the corporate world, but since working for ITRM Staffing, I saw every bit of quick results from getting me connected to a job in my field to stopping whatever they are doing to take care of my needs. ITRM cares about their employees, they made me feel of much value to them. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who works for them because of the way they treat me...which is very important. Also, in addition, I see that ITRM gives results....quick!"

- Saxon Hutchins

"I was out of work for 2 weeks after my lay-off. I hadn't even started looking for work yet. Then on a friday afternoon, I got a call from Tony about a position. He said he got my resume from www.Monster.com and I may need to start work by Monday. He offered suggestions on how to improve my resume and by Wednesday morning I was working at a major telecom co. I can truly say that ITRM staffing quickly does everything in their power to get you a job fast."

- Joseph Hawkins

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