Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

What type of jobs are available?

ITRM & STAT employs job seekers of varying skill and compensation levels within four Divisions: Medical, Clerical, Technical and Legal. Our job database is filled with employers looking for the right applicant to fit within their organization.

Do you provide full time placements?

Yes. ITRM & STAT offer three types of employment: Temporary, Temp to Hire and Direct Hire. Based on the employment needs of our customers, ITRM & STAT fills job assignment accordingly.

What industries do you find employment for applicants?

Virtually all industries fall within the four broad divisions offering employment: Medical, Clerical, Legal and Technical. There are many different positions of varying skill and compensation levels.

How does ITRM & STAT promote diversity in hiring?

We use both non-traditional as well as traditional recruiting methods to attract qualified candidates for our client's as well as internal job openings.

What methods do you use to qualify candidates?

Initial in-house interview by recruiter.
Full background check as well as drug testing (dependant upon clients requests)
Reference verification

What is the normal length of a temporary assignment?

Assignments and projects are all unique. Some temporary assignments may continue beyond the original length. This is designated by and dependant upon the client.

How many companies use staffing services?

90 percent of companies use temporary help services How much has the staffing industry grown? Average daily employment for temporary help services has increased an average of 11 percent per year over the last 5 years.

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